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Mar 16, 2015 at 01:58 PM

Multiprovider multiple rows to a single row.


I am using a multiprovider as a source for a BEx query.

The multiprovider is made on 3 cubes

Cube_A: Role and fields

Cube _B : Role, Transaction, transaction fields

Cube_C : Role , User , user fields.

The output comes as

Role1 # # 4001 (role field)

Role1 TCODE1 | # #

Role1 | # User1 #

Is there a way where I can make one row for role1 in which all are populated. This multiprovider contains a dummy keyfigure which has no value.

Role1 Tcode1 User1 4001.

I tried using an infoset. Joined the underlying cubes, but no data comes. Reason

Cube_A contains role as ZFI_*

Cube_B and Cube_C contains role as ZFI_MANAGER.