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Mar 16, 2015 at 10:17 AM

report export by program - SOPs



Currently the users export report category 'SOP' manually via CG54 with the Work Area view, i.e. SOPs are being exported per Work Area/Specifcation combination. (afterwards the key file and pdf are being transferred to the companies intranet page)

In the future we want to automate the above proces using 'report export by program' (RCVDCREO). We have succesfully exported SOPs, but during the export the SOPs are exported according to material and not Work Area, i.e. a pdf is exported per material assigned to the substance and not according to substance assigned to Work Area(s) (as in CG54)

We have had an ABAP programmer debugging RCVDCREO for about 6h and cannot find where (or if at all) RCVDCREO can handle Work Area data. After the debugging findings we have tried the following:

- In the GenVariant we have deleted the MATMASTER as an application object (there is no MATMASTER symbol on the template). No success, RCVDCREO still exports according to material.

- In the RCVDCREO entry screen you can select various report views. Currently we export with 'NON' and 'OWN' but cannot find where to change the Report View 'OWN'.


- is RCVDCREO 'build' to export MSDS only?

- It seems the report view setting in RCVDCREO is only meant for eSDS?

- Any ideas on how to use RCVDCREO with SOPs exporting by Work Area? (it seems straight forward if you can export via Work Area in CG54 then why not via RCVDCREO?

Any ideas are welcome!

Thanks, Regards, Jens