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Jan 13, 2006 at 12:11 PM

JCo Outbound( calling Java Function from ABAP )



I want to call a JAVA function from ABAP.I have installed the JCo toolkit and included the sapjco.jar file in the classpath of my system.

When i execute the program(,provided with from the command prompt,it is working fine,the server listens to the calls made from ABAP via RFC destination.

But if i copy the same program in NWDS in a JAVA project,to run it from there as JAVA application,after including the sapjco.jar file in the project JAVA build path,i get the following error,marked by a red cross ,at the head of the program,even before i run it.

<b>This compilation unit indirectly references the missing type (typically some required class file is referencing a type outside the classpath)</b>

What changes do i need to make,to run it from NWDS?

I tried to include the sapjcorfc.dll file along with the sapjco.jar in the java build path,but it doesn't help.

Please tell how to solve this issue?