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Mar 16, 2015 at 01:47 AM

2lis_11_vaitm custom objects delta


Hello friends,

2lis_11_vaitm has been enhanced by few Z fields.

Extract structure is enhanced using an append structure and the fields are added to the data source.

Code has been written in BADI to fill up these fields.

The fields are getting populated but any change only to these Z fields is not captured in the delta.

I have gone through several threads and articles for this topic on forums and market place

I have the following questions

1. Does table TMCEXCFS, with table name MC11VA0ITM and field status A, give only the fields which are a part of the standard extractor which is delta capable. Any change to any of these fields would trigger an automatic delta

2. if the field were appended to the communication structure instead of extract structure, then would it be delta capable or still code needs to be written using "X" and "Y" tables

3. if any of fields of the original extract structure change, when Z fields change then can we pick up the delta?

is there any other options to get it, without involving heavy coding

Thanks and appreciate your time for answering