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Mar 15, 2015 at 11:33 AM

XSDS: cannot omit key if hdbsequence file is present


Hello all,

I have an hdbsequence file.

schema= "CCM";

increment_by = 1;      
start_with = 2025;
maxvalue= 99999999;  
minvalue= 1;           
cycles= false;          

This sequence works fine in my hdbprocedure call (..NEXTVAL, etc).

However if i want to use XS Data Services in my xsjslib function I am not able to omit the key.

This works:

var newCase = new CaseEntity({ caseId: 3000, GEN: gen });

This does not

var newCase = new CaseEntity({ GEN: gen });

(error: Error: XSDS: new: missing key property:....)

So I am doing something wrong here. I would expect that xsds would look for the hdbsequence file and generate the key accordingly.

Any ideas?