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Mar 15, 2015 at 04:58 AM

Adjust the depreciation amount in posted period


Hi Experts,

I've changed one of my asset depreciation key from 20% to 10% straight line method. The changes is done in period 6. I have run AFAR for this changes.

Let say my planned depreciation was 1000 (for 20% dep. key) and now the new depreciation would be 500 (for 10% dep key). I would like the depreciation to be recalculate in period 1 (i.e 1000 minus 500) and distribute the amount evenly throughout the period (period 1 to 6). Is it possible?

I've run AFAB in planned mode and the changes (lump sum) will only take places on next period (period 7). When i execute AFAB in restart mode (period 1), the error says restart is not possible for period 1.

Appreciate your advise.