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Mar 13, 2015 at 06:16 PM

OPA testing: View to be tested is embedded in App.view.xml


Hi all,

I'm trying to test the behavior of my UI5 application.

The structure is pretty common:

> component.js
> view (folder)
     > App.view.xml
     > Data.view.xml
     > Data.controller.js
> test (folder)
     > myOPATest.html

The Data view is embedded in the App view.

I'd like to test the behavior of a control in Data.

Should I look it up like:

            viewNamespace : "view",
            viewName : "Data",
            controlType : "sap.m.List",
            id: "list",
      //other stuff here

or somehow differently?

The console only says: found no control with the id list

I don't really know if the view is resolved or if the app is started at all

Any suggestion would be highly welcome

Thanks, regards