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Mar 13, 2015 at 04:29 PM

Release strategy-multiple authorization


Hello experts,

We have a unique situation where 3 individuals are all authorized to release PO's up to the same dollar amount. If one is out of the office, then one of the other 2 are allowed to release. My problem is that I've created a release strategy with the 3 individuals at the same dollar amount but only one of them (the first name I added) has the yellow triangle. The other 2 are blank. Is there any way to have all 3 of them have a yellow triangle, or do we need to have each person release up to a certain dollar amount? that will defeat our purpose however as we don't need that level of approval. All we really need is a way to get the approver's name on the PO. Is there any other way to accomplish this (name of the approver on the PO) without some sort of release strategy? We do not use workflow.

Thank you