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Mar 13, 2015 at 02:53 PM

Unable to update sales order



I have the following code which connects to DI Server via b1ws to update a Sales Order. Its very simple and should work, however when ever the document is updated the following error is returned. Please note the connection and disconnection to/from the DI server is handled in other functions.

[ORDR.PayDuMonth][line: 0] , 'Field cannot be updated (ODBC -1029)'

I have checked the following:

1. Field PayDuMonth xml config is present in the wsdl file.

2. DI service is functional and I can connect and disconnect.

3. Other b1ws code i have written works fine, but this is the first code I have written which updates a document.

4. Tried setting boOrder.PayDuMonthSpecified=false

I am running SAP 8.8 PL20, B1WS v1.1

What could explain this issue?



            Dim boOrder As New b1ws_Order.Document
            Dim boParams As New b1ws_Order.DocumentParams
            Dim boMsgHeader As New b1ws_Order.MsgHeader
            Dim intDocKey As Integer


                With boMsgHeader
                    .SessionID = HttpContext.Current.Session("di-session-id").ToString()
                    .ServiceName = b1ws_Order.MsgHeaderServiceName.OrdersService
                    .ServiceNameSpecified = True
                End With

                boOrderService.MsgHeaderValue = boMsgHeader

                intDocKey = intSalesOrderRef - 20000000

                boParams.DocEntry = intDocKey
                boParams.DocEntrySpecified = True

                Debug.WriteLine("Retrieving Sales Order " & intDocKey & "/" & intSalesOrderRef)

                boOrder = boOrderService.GetByParams(boParams)

                Debug.WriteLine("Writing comment to database: " & strComment)

                boOrder.U_WorksOrderComment = strComment

                Debug.WriteLine("Updating Sales Order " & intDocKey & "/" & intSalesOrderRef)


                Return "ok"

            Catch ex As Exception

                Return ex.Message

            End Try