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Jan 13, 2006 at 10:25 AM

Screen Validation required in MSS 50.4v business package.


Hi All,

I am working on MSS 50.4v business package in EP 6.0

Now i got the new business requirement.


Brief Description:

Create "yellow" alert if mgr is submitting or approving employee Bon/Mer/Promo/Adjust with a zero

Detail Description:

Managers may submit/approve a merit/adjust/promo increase or bonus payout of zero, but we want to add an alert for each employee that is being submitted/approved with a zero after the manager clicks on the "Check Plan" or "Check Approval/Rejection" button to make sure they know they are submitting a zero for approval or approving a zero for these employees. Gerhard was not certain that the alert could be limited to when the "Check Plan" or "Check Approval/Rejection button is clicked or if the notification would appear any time an action was done which included an employee with a zero in the individual modifier or amount for bonus or a zero increase amount/percent for merit/promo/adj (save, recalculate, etc). We really need it only when the "Check Plan" or "Check Approval/Rejection" button is clicked. This is not a hard error, the manager can still click the "Send Plan" or "Send Approval/Rejection" button with zeros in these fields. Text for the alert should be "You are requesting approval for pernr Last Name,First name that includes a zero percent/amount" for the planning links and "You are approving a zero percent/amount for pernr Last Name,First name " for the approval links .

Badi that does the checking for the zero is : Define Additional Check Criteria

Could you please tell me how to sovle this problem.