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Mar 13, 2015 at 01:13 PM

Meal deduction for travel expenses Norway



From first of January, deduction of meals should be done by subtracting a certain percentage rate. Also, the base for the calculation differs dependent upon how long the trip lasts. E.g. for one-day domestic trips the following applies:

Trip duration Reimb. amnt Breakfast dedcution Breakfast ded. in amount below six hours 280 20 % 56 Between 6 - 12 hours 520 20 % 104 Above 12 hours, no overnight 710 20 % 142

I manage to get the correct reimbursement amount according to the hours, but the decuction for breakfast in all cases ends up with 142, i.e. it calculates with a full day. The same applies for lunch and dinner.

Is there a way to come to this solution without creating a user exit?

Many thanks,