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Mar 12, 2015 at 05:32 PM

ITS Mobile and Tx LM01, LM02...


Hi all,

I am a bit lost with ITS Mobile and the personalization of the HTML pages... i have been browsing some SCN articles and discussion but there are some points in which i need some help.

Theese are some of the post and documents:

Main DOC:

Good discution:

Aditional info:

Prerequisites to run ITSmobile - Wiki - SCN Wiki

Service Parameter and Settings - Wiki - SCN Wiki

More info:

My devices are Motorola MC9090

So, i created the new service in SICF and SE80. I am accessing the ITS trough IE (default browser) but the screen size is not set correctly.

The functional consultant is asking me for OLD SAPConsole, This is not possible is an old software. We have ERP 6.0 EHP 6.

So, if i am not wrong, we need to create a new template generator and modify the html templates or the CSS files... Is this ok? who is the rigth person to do this? the basis team? the development team? the consultant team?

Can you share some experience with ITSMobile and this HandHend devices?

Best Regards!