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Mar 12, 2015 at 11:52 AM

SimpleForm: Label and Checkbox on the same line


I think this is realy an easy question but I can't manage it. 😔

Ich have a xml-View with a SimpleForm with the following xml code:

<items> <IconTabFilter icon="sap-icon://hint"> <form:SimpleForm id="HeadDetails" maxContainerCols="2" layout="ResponsiveGridLayout" minWidth="1024" > <core:Title text="Details" /> <Label text="Nachtrag"/> <CheckBox selected="{Nachtr}" editable="false"/> </form:SimpleForm> </IconTabFilter>


But as a result I get this:

But I would like to have the checkbox at the same line as the label. 😢


Checkbox.PNG (3.0 kB)