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Jan 13, 2006 at 06:48 AM

How to recover the data for a failed Full Update?


We are extracting data from CO-PA for different time periods.

One of the full update (Year 2004 full update) has failed after 9.48 out of 9.54 Million records arrived. The remaining 60000 records are missing.


Records in PSA = 9.48 Million

Records Missing = 0.06 Million


Total Records needed = 9.54 Million


One data Package is missing from the PSA


<b>Data Pkg No of Recs</b>


160 30030

161 30030

162 30030

163 30030

165 30030


The data package 164 is missing in the PSA.

<u><b>Error Message</b></u>


Data not received in PSA Table


Data has not been updated in PSA Table . The request is probably still running or there was a short dump.


In the short dump overview in BW, look for the short dump that belongs to your data request. Make sure the correct date and time are specified in the selection screen.

You can use the wizard to get to the short dump list, or follow the menu path "Environment -> Short dump -> In Data Warehouse".



1. Is it possible to update the data target with the arrived records, by correcting PSA?

2. Is it possible to recover the missing records in a <b>Failed Full Update</b>? (as Repeat is available for delta)

3. What could be the reason for data package missing?

4. Since the data package has been missed in the middle, will there be any inconsistency with the arrived record?

Thanks & Regards

Chandran Ganesan