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Mar 12, 2015 at 10:28 AM

Pass through Non-Dimension variable parameters from Data Manager Package to BADI


Hi guys,


is it possible to pass through a parameter of a freely defined variable (that is not referring to a dimension) from a Data Manager Package to a BADI?


The idea is to set a tick box as part of the Data Manager Parameters and pass this ON / OFF parameter to the BADI in order to control the execution of the program code.


The DMP includes the variables STEP_1 and STEP_2. Both variables can be activated (via tick box) - in our case only STEP_1 gets the tick, STEP_2 remains initial (unticked).

Upon release of the DMP, both parameters (STEP_1 = ON, STEP_2 = OFF) get passed through via the process chain and script logic to the BADI, which consists of two processing steps. Program-Step 1 and Program-Step 2.

Upon runtime,

- the BADI checks the parameter for the variable STEP_1 and processes Program-Step 1 since the parameter is set to ON,

- whilst process Program-Step 2 won't get processed since the parameter for variable STEP_2 is OFF.

Thanks for your input