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Mar 12, 2015 at 09:47 AM

Tax Invoice Number Range for Indonesia


Hi Experts,

I have a requirement from my client in Indonesia to have Tax Invoice Number stored in Billing Document.

The tax invoice number will be provided by the Tax Office and in their current system they will upload a range of tax invoice number

and during Invoice creation the system will pick it up the running number automatically.

This is the format of tax invoice TTS.BBB-YY.NNNNNNNN where component description as below :-

TT - Business transaction code as defined by the tax office

S - Status code for the tax invoice, which can either be 0 for the original tax invoice, or 1 for the replacement tax invoice.

BBB - Branch code defined by the company as declared to the tax office

YY - Calendar year of the tax invoice date

NNNNNNNN - Sequential number generated by the system

Example Tax Invoice Number : 010.000-07.00000001

I have configured in SAP the number ranges as below.


1- If the tax invoice number is provided by the Tax Office how the system determines the running number?

2- I only maintain the sequential number in the system how system picks up other components?

3- Can i configure Business Place by every Sales Organization Unit.

4- What need to be filled up for Code 2 , Code 2, No and Last Date below :-

Appreciate your reply here and thanks in advance.



Number Ranges.png (18.2 kB)
setting.png (19.3 kB)