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Jan 13, 2006 at 05:42 AM

Have some doubt regarding the weblog (Lookup's in XI made simpler)


Hi All,

I have created the same scenario as mentioned in Siva's weblog (Lookup's in XI made simpler).

I having some doubts regarding the scenario, it will be great if you help me to resolve the same.

I am having a file-file scenario where I need to do lookup in database(MS-Access) through mapping.

The standard file-file scenario is in place and in addition I have created a receiver jdbc channel . I have also created the receiver agreement for the same in the cofiguration.

While creating the receiver agreement you have to specify the interface name which includes the message type…I have specified the normal format which we specify while configuring the jdbc receiver adapter.

In the message mapping I have created a advance user defined function as mentioned in your weblog which calls my receiver jdbc channel.

I have also specified the select query to be executed in the mapping program.

While testing I am getting the following error

Cannot produce target element /ns0:Role_MT/URole. Check xml instance is valid for source xsd and target-field mapping fulfills requirements of target xsd

<b>Can you please suggest me what all I need to do in addition to the file-file scenario for this lookup scenario to work.</b>

Thanks and Regards