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Mar 11, 2015 at 11:40 PM

SRM 701 SP upgrade from SP09 to Sp12


Hello Experts

We are doing SP upgrade on SRM 7.01 system.

Current is SRM 7.01 SP09 and basis release 7.02 SP SP12

After upgrade -SRM 7.01 SP12 and basis release 7.02 SP SP15

We need to know what bugs has been fixed in this new SP. I tried to see the document mentioned in note (1494683 - SAP SRM 7.0 Enh.Pk.1 SP Stacks - Release & Information Note) however the document covers only how we should do it. Can someone help me to find out SP upgrade impact analysis for my SP upgrade activity. Attached are the snaps of pre & post upgrade component level -

Thanks Atul


Before upgrade.JPG (79.4 kB)
After upgrade.JPG (91.4 kB)