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Jan 13, 2006 at 03:26 AM

CCM schedule job and OCI used


Hi all,

We are using Requisite BugsEye with SRM 4.0. I'm studying CCM 2.0 to replace BugsEye and need helps from all of you:

Q1: I saw a screen in service marketplace presentation, schedule upload catalog job in CCM need to specify Catalog ID and Supplier ID. Are these IDs mandatory and what if we have 20 catalog and 500 suppliers, thus in worst case I need to run 20x500 jobs. It this true?

Q2: Can CCM schedule daily job to run at specific time?

Q3: In Requisite, OCI-HTML document will be posted to SRM. What OCI document is posted back by CCM, OCI-HTML or OCI-XML?

Q4: On the same presentation there is a statement "SAP CCM does not support exporting of content as files ...". Since we have other application polling export file from BugsEye catalog content. Is there any other way to export CCM catalog content?

Thanks in advance.


Donald Lee