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Mar 11, 2015 at 02:38 PM



Hello all,

i'm currently working on an oData Service to store Business documents. For this I use ARCHIV_CREATE_TABLE which i call in the redefined CREATE_STREAM method. The XString from is_media_resource-value is directly passed to the "document"-Parameter of the FM.

The function executes without any error.If i debug the FM i can see that internally ARCHIVOBJECT_CREATE_TABLE is called followed by ARCHIV_CONNECTION_INSERT. Both seem to work well, i can even see that an Insert is done on the TOA01 table.

But the problem is: Neither do I see the document in my Business entity, nor do I see the new archivelink entry in the data browser (SE16) for table TOA01. The ArchiveLink Monitor does not report any Errors either.

Can anyone help me track down this issue?


archiv1.png (56.2 kB)
archiv2.png (40.3 kB)