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Mar 11, 2015 at 01:39 PM

Variable Break Schedule Setup


Hi Experts,

My Client wants to put a break schedule in place where the employee can avail a 45mnts break any time after punching into the time terminal.

The moment the employee enters into the office he/she is eligible for break.

I could see a possible solution of Variable break where the time frame is set within which the break can be taken, but to my concern here the employee can take break any time between the punchin & final punchou.

Eg. Employee logs in at 9.00 goes for a tea break at 9.10 for 15mnts & doesn't go for a lunch break but takes a final break at 4.00pm to so here the break period falls within the entire work schedule period.

Creating a dynamic break schedule & putting a time cap of 1/2/3 hrs is ruled out along with substitution as they do not fulfill our requirement.

Can anybody please help me with this.