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Mar 11, 2015 at 01:28 PM

Error during BI content transports from dev to Quality



I have been through this forum and and so many others but not able to find any answer/solution.Hence raising this as a new discussion.

We are in process of migrating the standard BI content from dev to quality and we have followed below approach.

1. Infoareas/ Info object catalog in one transport

2. Info objects

3. DSO and cubes

I have collected the objects as "Only necessary objects" and "Manual collection" type and "list display"

When i have transported Infoareas/Info object catalog, it went into error saying that info objects under the info catalog is not present. My question here why quality is trying to install to info object when the objects are not present in the transport request.

I went ahead and imported the next one (as my objective of installing info areas was met in 1st request despite of error) and this one also went into error stating that the object are not present in active state, how this can be when the active objects itself are present in the transport request.

Could some body please explain the reason behind this weird behavior.

Screen dumps attached.




Infoarea_error.PNG (16.8 kB)