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Mar 11, 2015 at 02:56 AM

Crystal Reports does not execute all database queries if first query returns no results


I have a Crystal Report (using CR 2008) that has three database queries (the below is sourced from the "Show SQL" menu option)

MYSERVER "mydb"."dbo"."run_report";1 {d '2000-01-01'}, {d '2015-01-01'}, 'A12345'
MYSERVER select SUser_SName() as [CurrentUser]
MYSERVER select parent_name from containers where id = '{?@id}'

None of these queries depend on each other, although the first and last queries use the same input parameter - @id (which is A12345 in this example)

The above works fine when the run_report stored procedure returns > 0 results. When it returns no results (but no actual errors as far as I can tell), the second and third SQL queries don't appear to be executed as their results (which are inserted into the report as fields) are just blank.

I can see two possible approaches to the issue:

  1. Reorder the SQL queries so that the ones that will always return a result run first, and the stored procedure (which may return no results) runs last; or
  2. Somehow I make Crystal Reports continue on its merry way even if the stored procedure query doesn't return any rows.

...but I'm not sure how to achieve either approach.

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