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Mar 10, 2015 at 10:10 PM

SAP CRM Security Implementaion Strategy


Hello All,

I need some guidance on SAP CRM security strategy which I am using for a implementation project.

I have role matrix created which is mapping of Positions exist in business and Activity(Violation processing,Correspondance,Case Management) each activity is further classified into sub activity and these are mapped with position (Call center/Inventory manager/Supervisor etc)as Read/Write access.

My Strategy is based on Matrix CRM team will create business role for each position say Inventory manger role will have write for case management read for Violation etc.

After the CRM team will create business role I will convert them into PFCG role using standard report and restrict the activity as read or write on PFCG role.

End state will combination of business role and PFCG role will provide the required access.

Please let me know if this strategy looks fine to you??

Also as if now I have given access to project team through CRM_UI_PROFILE” parameter with ‘’*’’ after creating and role assignment I guess removing this parameter will not have any effect and users will have access as per the roles?

Appreciate your quick response on this.