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Mar 10, 2015 at 08:22 PM

Error while connecting via SSO using SNC parameters of SAP .NET Connector


Our SAP systems at my company are not SSO. But we have recently developed quite a few ASP.NET web applications that use the SAP .NET Connector to read and write data into and out of SAP. We would really like to have these transactions be executed by each user using their own SAP login. I know we need to use RfcCustomDestniation, but we'd rather not force users to login.

Tried doing a unit test setting these parameters:

Dim newDest As RfcCustomDestination = ECCConnection.CreateCustomDestination()

newDest.SncMode = "1"

newDest.SncPartnerName = "p:CN=SAPServiceS71"

newDest.Client = "001"


Couldn’t find the sap crypto library since it was looking in Program Files (x86) instead of plain Program files. So I added this:

newDest.SncLibraryPath = "C:\Program Files\SAP\FrontEnd\SecureLogin\lib\sapcrypto.dll"

Now I hit a new road block. Error during SncPDInit. No specific error message is given other than --

STOP! -- initial call to gss_indicate_mechs()

Any insights? Is my 64-bit machine a problem? I'm only guessing that because the SncLibraryPath was pointed at the 32-bit library in my Environment Variables, but my web app is 64-bit using 64-bit connector.