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Mar 10, 2015 at 02:21 PM

PO conditions - for incorporating import duties, taxes and other charges


Dear Experts,

We have enabled PO conditions at header level for import duties, taxes, insurance, inland transportation etc. which cannot be determined at PO creation/approval level. For these items we have decided to incorporate them later on (through MIR7 with reference to PO) when duty demand / invoices are received. In this manner we can load these costs on material. My question is:

  1. While parking the invoice through MIR7, is it possible to select more than one vendors for these extra costs? As we have to pay these charges to other vendors like custom authorities, insurance company, clearing agent etc.
  2. Can we restrict the MIR7 rights for different users with respect to purchase organisation? e.g. I have two purchase organisations one for local purchase and one for foreign purchase. I want to give MIR7 access rights to imports officer for foreign purchases only so that he can incorporate import duties etc with reference to PO. I dont want to give him invoice parking rights for local purchases.
  3. Can we develop a workflow once the invoice has been parked using MIR7 (by imports officer). Workflow is needed to get the approval of custom duties etc so that once these duties are approved as per the limits of authority defined by the Company. Only then the accounts person can post the invoice and process the payment.