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Mar 10, 2015 at 12:05 PM

How to populate Folder 2 based on conditions in Folder 1?


Hi, everybody,

I have a form with 2 folders. Each folder contains a grid, which is populated from a different query.

Folder1 (PC Invoices) lists all Unreconciled Invoices. (It uses mainly OINV)

Folder2 (Journal Entries) lists all Journal Entries relating to the invoices listed in Folder 1.(It uses OJDT joined to OINV etc)

This is executed on pressing the button in Folder1

In Folder1, there is a column of combo box, so that the user can select BP_Codes.

(My aim is to transfer the selected invoices to the new BP_Codes)

I want Folder2 to list only those Journal Entries for the invoices in Folder1 which have a value in the BP_Code column,

i.e if the user does not select a BP_Code from the combo, the related Journal should not appear in Folder2

Can anybody give me an idea how to achieve this?


Leon Lai


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Capture2.JPG (78.2 kB)