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Mar 10, 2015 at 10:25 AM

Mapping exception logic fails at target node


Hi Folks,

I have a mapping requirement 1st mapping working fine and now i have to create exception logic .So created new DT,MT,SI,MM,

If current Imei length is 15 or 16 starting with 0 ..if this two will not satisfy then it should be goto 1st DT..For eg: take 3 Item conditions..

for item 1 & 2 current IMEI length 15 or 16 starting with 0 ,for item 2 if it is not there then every time 2 items should push into header details.

I have tried the mapping..please find the attahed EIP mapping screenshot but it fails..Can anyone help on this..

Please find the attatched snapshots.




EIP.PNG (35.1 kB)
mapping 2.PNG (22.5 kB)
mapping 1.PNG (5.0 kB)