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Mar 10, 2015 at 08:10 AM

Budgetory Commitment Items for Recon. accounts


Hi Experts,

I have a requirement of budgeting trade creditors in SAP. Currently in our legacy system we are budgeting trade creditors as well as expenses.

Now as per SAP point of view my understanding is that we can only budget expense and revenue items. But for recon. accounts like vendor and customer, budgeting is not possible in SAP. I tried creating a commitment item for vendor recon. account with financial transaction 30 and commitment item category 3 and the same was assigned to recon. account in FS00. I posted budget in this commitment item with reference to fund and fund center through FMBB(T.code). Budget category "payment" was used for posting this budget and budget was successfully posted. Now when i tried to post the invoice to vendor, the system asks me to enter fund and fund center in vendor line item as well. i provided the fund and fund center in vendor line item to which i posted budget earlier in FMBB. the document gets posted without any error but when i view the budget consumption report instead of deducting invoice amount from the consumable budget amount and show the net available budget system add this in the consumable budget and shows the net result as bellow:


can any one guide if budgeting of such item is possible in sap FM or can we just budget P/L items? need your guidance please.