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Mar 09, 2015 at 08:08 PM

SAP Hana schemas


Hello Everyone,

I have read that for only for every "Database User" 9 and not operating level user) created in hana a corresponding schema is created for that user.

However we have certain technical database users like sys, system, sys_repo, sys_afl, sys_epm and sys_statistics.

Shouldn't this same principal be followed for every technical DB user as well.

For SYS USER SYS schema exists which holds all low level internal support details.

For SYS_REPO USER , SYS_REPO schema exits which holds all design time and activated objects.

SYS_STATISTICS USER I have seen sys_statistics schema( not in rev 90 though but i assume it was there in earlrier versions).

However I have not seen schemas for SYSTEM user, SYS_AFL and SYS_EPM. Do these exists.

I am curious to know if at all they do, then for SYSTEM schema how can it be made visible, as in with what privleges are required to be given to the standard user and what data would the SYSTEM schema hold?


Pooja M