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Mar 09, 2015 at 02:07 PM

BPMODATA- UIExecutionLink



we have a Problem with the UIExecutionLink of a BPM-Task.

We have a NW-Java System (YC3), which is a copy of another system (YC2).

Now we want to execute a BPM-Task. We get the Execution-Link of the Task from the BPMODATA Service.

We call the Service in the System YC3, but the Execution-Link we recieve from the BPMODATA shows us the Root-URL from the System YC2.

So the BPM-Task were called in the wrong System. After starting the BPM-Task we get the message "Instance-ID is not available".

Does somebody know which Paramter is wrong? Where does the BPM-Odata Service gets his information to generate the Root-Url?

Can somebody help me?