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Mar 09, 2015 at 02:09 PM

HANA table with "wrong number of partitions"


Hello everyone,

I'm currently trying to do the prep steps before migrating our HANA system (rev 83) to the new Embedded Stats Service.

The first check involves running the following procedure:


The checks fail, stating that "_SYS_STATISTICS"."HOST_HEAP_ALLOCATORS" has the "Wrong number of partitions/replicates is stored in the NameServer".

Looking at the table runtime info, the system is expecting 2 partitions, but only the first (range to 2014/04/01) exists - the "Other" partition is missing.

I've tried running ALTER TABLE commands - both to try and merge partitions, and also to force the creation of the missing "other" partition, but they all fail, eg as follows:

I've also tried dropping the entire table (with a view to recreating it correctly), but this also fails because of an "invalid part id":

Does anyone know a way to repair the table so we can proceed with the migration?

Many thanks in advance.



tabconsist.JPG (27.5 kB)
tabconsist2.JPG (23.0 kB)
tabconsist3.JPG (28.5 kB)