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Mar 09, 2015 at 11:22 AM

EDI orders not getting confirmed when one of the line items is allocated product and NOT having the GATP relevant CVC’s maintained in APO


Dear friends,

We have found that few EDI orders with multiple line items is not getting confirmed for all the line items though there is enough stock and allocations maintained.

Later found out that one of the line items which is an allocated product, do not have cvc maintained in the APO. Because of this error message, even other line items are not getting confirmed in the EDI sale order.

After the order is created, if we do a manual ATP check in VA02, system proposes the confirmation quantity for other good line items and gets confirmed.

May I know, what could be the reason for not getting the confirmation for good line items in the first place when the order was created thru EDI process.?

Is this the normal behavior that EDI order does not confirm all the line items if encounters an error with one of the line items? Is there a SAP note to address this issue?

Please help.