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Mar 09, 2015 at 09:48 AM

Copying Standard Transaction (MM01) to a Z Transaction (ZMM01)


Hi guys. I have a question regarding the topic mentioned in the header.

Our customer wants a copy of Transaction MM01 in order to make some changes (e.g. adding a customized number to material, etc.) and accelerate copying materials. The big point in this is: MM01 should remain unchanged so the functionality of MM01 should remain the same! Hence BADI implementation or user exits are off the cards.

However my question now is if this is generally possible and if yes how. Because i tried to copy the underlying program of MM01 which results in an error and also if i just copy the Transaction (in SE93) it says that there is an error "the transactioncode ZMM01 is missing in table T130M". However i do not want to make any changes to this table though but what i want is to simply copy the program of MM01 with all Dynpros etc and make changes in the respective places in order to achieve the result which is expected by the customer.

And please do not ask questions regarding "why?" or questioning the meaningfulness of that 'project', please just try to help me fixing that problem or at least give me some hints to another solution (if there is any, I dont think so)..

Thanks in advance!!

Regards Patrick