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Mar 08, 2015 at 03:29 PM

RfcCustomDestination for individual ASP.NET users


OK, I'm usually the one answering questions in this group, but today I need clarification. Our SAP systems at my company are not SSO. But we have recently developed quite a few ASP.NET web applications that use the .NET Connector to read and write data into and out of SAP. We would really like to have these transactions be executed by each user using their own SAP login. I know we need to use RfcCustomDestniation, but we'd rather not force users to login.

Is SSO the answer, given that we really don't want to make the users have to login to SAP through the web app? Can we use the SNC RfcConfigParameters without SSO, or do they go hand in hand? Please enlighten me. @Markus Tolksdorf, you seem to have a handle on this. Can you give me some pointers, please? Thanks.