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Mar 08, 2015 at 11:53 AM

SAP CRM IC: Call-list creation.


Dear SAP experts,

From my understanding there are several ways to create/maintain a call list:

- Marketing Campaign (communication channel and target group)

- Manually, via transaction code CRMD_TM_CLDIST (maintaining both Assignments and Business Context)

- Semi-manually, via transaction code CRMD_CALL_LIST (can choose to upload Business Context from a file or target group)

I also understand that it is possible to link a call from the call list to a transaction (standard is transaction of type 0010 or PCAL).

Furthermore, I understand that status/date synchronization is available with standard customization.

However, none of the option quiet fits my needs... I will explain:

I get a trigger from an external CTI system, indicating that a call-back needs to be registered to SAP CRM. At this point I would like to add to an existing call-list a call and by extension a linked transaction.

For example:

I have a customer call and request a callback from my external CTI system. At that point my external CTI system communicates with SAP CRM (via web-service) and provides it the responsible employee and customer's phone number. I then create a BT transaction ZCAL (which I copied from the standard PCAL) and fill in the appropriate employee responsible and customer... until here no problem...

Next, I would like to add a call to my existing call list and link it to the instance of ZCAL created in the previous step.

I was not able to find customization responsible for transaction type assignment per call list type.

Is there a standard program I can run?

I saw CRMD_CALL_LIST allows you to choose the transaction type generated, but when I proceed to the call list and select a call, I can't navigate to the appropriate ZCAL transaction.

Any help on the topic would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Alon Chanoch