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Former Member
Mar 07, 2015 at 08:03 PM

SAP GRC AC v10 ARA - New System not showing up in Dashboards or showing any violations in SoD Reports


Hi Experts!

System: SAP GRC AC v10 SP14 ARA

We currently have a ECC Production system connected and working properly with our GRC AC v10 ARA system. I have added a new ECC Development system and run all the proper background jobs: Auth Sync, Rep Obj, and finally Batch Risk Analysis.

However, after the new "FULL" Batch Risk Analysis, the new ECC Development system does not appear in the dashboards. It is selectable everywhere else, including in the SoD Reports. But the ECC Development system shows the roles, but does not show any violations when we know there are some. So that tells me that the Rep Obj synch job worked, but the problem is somewhere in the batch risk analysis. I ran the report to see if there mitigated controls attached to the roles and there are not.

Before I attached the new ECC system, I had mitigated all the current ECC Production system violations with system "*". I have never had an issue with that, but wanted to make sure that was known.

Thanks for you help in advance.