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Mar 06, 2015 at 07:50 PM

Heap Memory Utilization is very high after SPS09 Upgrade



We recently upgraded our HANA Database from Rev 82 -92 and since then experiencing memory issues. I check the standard report "Shows Memory consumption of components" and see that system component takes 230 GB of memory ( total we have 370 GB Allocated ).

Further investigating from the view "M_SERVICE_MEMORY", found that for Indexserver, HEAP_MEMORY_ALLOCATED _SIZE=360 GB and used 350GB.

When I checked the view "M_HEAP_MEMORY", found that Page Cache "Pool/PersistenceManager/PersistentSpace(0)" was 210 GB in use. SAP Note says

"The page cache stores blocks retrieved from disk similar to a file system cache. This can e.g. speed up the access to hybrid LOBs (SAP Note 1994962). Space is reclaimed automatically by SAP HANA whenever memory is required, so a large size is not critical."

I have bounced Hana Database to see if it recliams free space, but of no use.

Few Questions:

1. Did anyone had the same issue after upgrading to SPS09.

2. How do I reduce the Heap Size ( Any parameters)

3. Am i looking at the right place to analyze the performance issue correctly.

Mahesh Shetty


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