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Mar 06, 2015 at 05:00 PM

Excel ODBC connection to DB2 LUW


Dear experts,

our customer is trying to establish an ODBC connection to their SAP systems' DB2 LUW database using MS Excel for selecting and consolidating some information.

The DB2 (9.7 FP4) is running on AIX 6.1 and we've given them a user with privileges to connect to the DB and select from specific tables.

They've installed a 32bit DB2 Data Server Driver Package from IBM (Version 9.7 FP4) on their Windows PC and created a System DSN in the 32bit ODBC Data Source Administration. 32bit because Excel is a 32bit application.

The DSN contains user+password, database, hostname, port and protocol.

Now they're trying to establish a connection from Excel with this DSN - the connection test works absolutely fine but as soon as Excel tries to access the database for more than just a connection test, an error occurs saying that the "database list" cannot be retrieved:

"The Data Connection Wizard cannot obtain a list of databases from the specified data source"

So now I'm not sure what Excel exactly tries to do - maybe the user needs more priviledges but I have absolutely no idea, which ones and can't find any further information in the whole world wide web about this.

Or maybe it's just the wrong driver package - but we've found several documentations for configuring Excel ODBC connections to DB2 using the above mentioned steps.

I'm now wondering if anyone of you has ever implemented such a connection - successfully.

I know it's not a native SAP Topic and it's not a quite elegant way to obtain information, but maybe someone has already faced similar problems?

Many thanks in advance for sharing your experience.

Best wishes