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Mar 06, 2015 at 04:12 PM

IDOC to File Scenario using SFTP with PGP - Success but not really



I am having a issue sending out a document out of PI. I have tried searching SCN and nothing really comes up about it or I am not hitting the right "hot words".

Here is what I am doing : IDOC to File Scenario using SFTP with PGP.

I have configured the system and tested and everything looks to be working as designed. I send the idoc from my originating system to the PI backend, I check the ABAP side and I have a checkered flag. I look at the payloads and the payloads all look good from my standpoint, transformation and translations that I put in place on the interface mapping are correct.

I head over to the PI JAVA side and look at the runtime workbench and pull down the logs and everything looks fine.

Go into Communication Channel Monitoring.

Select my Communication Channel: My message looks like it went out OK

When I go into the Message: All the encryption has taked place and the the file says it has been delivered - "DLVD".


My file never gets to the SFTP server? Any thoughts on this?

Does it feel that I am running into Firewall issue?


Capture.JPG (19.4 kB)