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Mar 06, 2015 at 02:46 PM

Crystal report logic


Good Morning,

I am creating a crystal report using sql server. I created three note parameters with the idea that a user can search on the note parameter and the note1 parameter or the note parameter or note 2 parameter. The below formula will only allow me to use the note parameter or note 2 parameter, but not the first part note and note 1.


(not HasValue({?Notes}) OR {IB_NOTES.NOTES} like "*"+{?Notes}+"*") and

(not HasValue({?Notes1}) OR {IB_NOTES.NOTES} like "*"+{?Notes1}+"*")



(not HasValue({?Notes}) OR {IB_NOTES.NOTES} like "*"+{?Notes}+"*") or

(not HasValue({?Note 2}) OR {IB_NOTES.NOTES} like "*"+{?Note 2}+"*")