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Mar 06, 2015 at 02:09 PM

ASKB program issue



We have two depreciation area . 01 Depreciation area has ben configured to post to 0L leading ledger . Depreciation area has been configured to post to P1 local ledger . 01 deprecition area has realtime posting . 30 depreciation area has 02 indicator ( posting APC & depreciation periodically)

Whenever we are doing posting like asset acquistion through ABSO t code it is posting to both ledgers 0L & p1.

I created a legacy asset through As91 & want to do FiAA reconciliation using ABST2.

System gives message that ensure that posting is done in all the depreciation areas.

So I ran ASKB ( APC posting periodically) . Once I run it is also posting for new asset acquisition & sale in P1 ledger.

Postings have happened twice in P1 ledger for asset acquistion & sale etc for new assets.

How to eliminate this .Am I missing on some configuration. I have cretaed a new documnet type for periodic posting of G/L accounts & G/l account determination