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Mar 06, 2015 at 11:39 AM

Old bo xir2 legacy system and backups and virtualisation



We have an old xir2 legacy system which runs some bo reports on a physical server.

As this server is old and the reports cannot be migrated to our bo4 system quickly (accessing old legacy data and complicated deski reports etc) , the server team are looking to host the xir2 system on a virtualised server.

Current physical server Windows 2003 server, new virtual server intended to be same name/ip address just running on virtual platform.

In terms of contingency they plan to simply revert to the physical server if the new virtual environment does not work.

We plan to have backup of cms + filestore taken whilst services are down immediately prior to this virtualisation.

Anything else need backed up?

Also any thought son contingency planning?

Realise xir2 unsupported now - the server team though are going ahead with this plan so need to ensure we can do everything we can form bo side.