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Mar 06, 2015 at 04:09 AM

Clarification on AEX to PO


I would like get a reliable information related to PI to PO upgrade with B2B solution.

Present system:

SAP PI 7.3 with SP04 and have SeeBurger for B2B solution


Plan 1: SAP PI 7.4 AEX Installation + SeeBurger B2B Solution = results No cost to company

Plan 2: SAP PI 7.4 AEX Installation + SAP B2B Addon = Results some licencing cost to company

Plan 3: SAP PO (Includes SAP PI 7.4+ BPM+BRM and SAP B2B Addon ) = Results some more licencing cost to company more than plan 2.

Now coming to installation:

We are currently aware of the efforts of direct move from current to any of the above plans.

But If I move to either plan 1 or 2 at present, and in near future, i we need to move to Plan 3, what would be the technical efforts.

- Can I move from AEX 7.4 to PO 7.4 with install of the BPM+BRM+B2B Add on on the same system without affecting the existing mapping & configuration ( shouldn't have any Development effort for changes/ testing )

- Or Does it require a complete new install of PO 7.4 and migrate the mapping & config of existing PI 7.4 AEX.

Appreciate your inputs.

Best Regards,