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Mar 05, 2015 at 07:09 PM

SNP optimizer performance


Hello everyone!

We use a SNP profile with strict prioritization settings (tab “Solution Methods”, group “Priority Decomposition”) for prioritization demand by types. It works perfectly from functional perspective, but as for performance it takes 9 hours in comparison to cost-based prioritization which takes just an hour.

Could you please give advice how to improve the performance of the optimizer run? And how to evaluate whether it is a performance issue or the system works just fine?

Here some statistics:

No. of Demands 1.648

No. of Periods 17

No. of Location Products 15.345

No. of Products 6.221

No. of Locations 24

No. of Resources 65

No. of Prod.-Spec. Transportation Lanes 11.903

Number of PPMs/PDS 6.521

Details About Internal Model of Optimizer

No. of Variables 270692174

No. of Discrete Variables 0

No. of Discrete PPMs/PDS 0

No. of Discrete Product-Spec. Transportati 0

No. of Constraints 127426101

Time Decomp. (No. of Periods) 0

Product Decomposition (%) 0

Memory consumption 1.913.776 kb

Thanks in advance.