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Mar 05, 2015 at 03:47 PM

Re-execute failed batch derivation via batchjob



We are making use of the batch derivation in order to inherit batch characteristic result from the component to the finished product via a process order (Event 400).

We have therefore setup a pull derivation making use of the following document and this working fine.

However in the case when the goods receipt for the process order is posted before the goods issue, the sending batch is still unknown to the system and the batch derivation fails.

Although it is possible to reexecute the batch derivation manually using DVMAN, we want to save our users from this burden and schedule a batchjob to try and reexecute the batch derivation.

We have found SAP report RVBDRVMB but it does not seem to work in this scenario.

I suppose this issue is relatively common and we would like to know how best to address it.