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Mar 05, 2015 at 04:42 PM

CR 2011 - Using Parameters


I have developed a report in CR 2011 that pulls Service Requests (SRs) and the related Job Ticket along with a few other miscellaneous fields.

In my Select Expert, I query for specific SRs. Once the report populates, I see all the other related data.

We have a limited number of Crystal Report licenses so not everyone has the ability to run or create reports so when I need to pull new SR data, I do not want to have to open the Select Expert and modify this piece of my query.

I am trying figure out if setting up a Parameter will help me here. What I am trying to do is upon opening the report, I want a 'search or parameter' window to open and prompt the user to enter how ever many SR numbers they want to pull data for. Then upon executing the report, it will populate the remaining data. So my questions are this:

- Is a parameter or search box what I need?

- I have tried to set one up, but it does not return any results, any tips for doing so?

- What special things if any do I need to do to the Select Expert and report

- Once I get this working, if I want to distribute this report so others can use it, am I correct that they would need a run-time version of Crystal Reports, if one exists?

Many thanks to all who reply.