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Shipping legacy MSDS uploaded which are in pdf format

Hi Friends,

Do not get mislead by Questiom Here is the requirement.

In our project, We have imported legacy MSDS in PDF format. For this we created a program to upload legacy MSDS in PDF format.

The generation variants are of type "MSDS" and not "IBD_MSDS" type.

So all imported PDF MSDS are visible in CG54 as released MSDS. So here is the requirement.

Immediately after go-live there will be no MSDS generated in SAP EHS system by WWI server.

So if I want to ship the MSDS which is stored in PDF format, how to achive this.

Standard scenarion of shippping is working. but this issue we need to resolve. Kindly help if I need to do any configuration or Developement.

Note:- I am getting error as "File not found".


WIth Warm Regards

Mangesh Pande

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2 Answers

  • Mar 05, 2015 at 06:46 PM

    Dear Mangesh

    very old topic. You will find many similar threads here giving you answers (ok: you need to read all of them to get the "full picture" but there are lots of similar threads available).. You have to seperate the "WWI" part from "core" set up for SDS/msds dispatch. Later is the more complex open

    Check e.g. SAP EHS Management for Beginners; you will find many references to many similar threads

    Check SAP OSS Consultign notes related to SDS distribution (this OSS note is as well mentioned very often here); the pdf story (and set up etc.) is explained very well (but you should as well read WWI cookbook).


    Note:- I am getting error as "File not found".

    Do you get this message in context of CG54?


    PS: only by very clever SAP set up you can "hinder" that the system will place a "report request". Pay attention on this. The users need to know that sometimes there i no "suitable report". If you can not generate the report using WWI then sometimes the user need to decide later: which SDS/MSDS need to be send. Keep this in mind if you start this such kind of set up. If you are planing to use later a normal WWI set up you might be in trouble. So think "twice" (tripple, ....) about out set up and the "mid/long" term set up of SAP EHS

    PPS: without a WWI server you will get no solution

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    Former Member
    Mar 06, 2015 at 12:52 PM

    Hello Mangesh,

    Please see the SAP online help on how to set up your WWI Servers for inbound processing:

    If it doesn't work after above steps check the WWI cookbook.

    You must have a local user - for which you have installed the printer - running the WWI Server!

    Kind Regards


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    • Dear Mangesh

      in regards of:

      I am able to ship reports which are generated through WWI with generation variant of report category "MSDS".

      Congratulation. One process is up and running. Now you need to "establish simply" a "similar" customizing in context of "IBD_MSDS". This is not easy. I know. BUt it is possible. But first, as I have tried to explain, you need to have a super perfect very good blueprint. (considering your current and future situation in which you may be would like to dispatch normal WWI reports)

      It is nearly not possible to explain to you the "millions" of pitfalls in your situation (but you can prepare such a set up as your situation is quite common, normal and "standard"; especsially if you have the need to migrate data (but other options exists as well to do the job)). In most cases (according to my experience in your situation) you will need at least a project running for 6 months to establish a robust process to support both document types in the "same" disptach process.

      PDF format is a quite normal format for such "business scenarios" you have. The issues is youre "wording":

      "After go-live for some days there would not be generation of MSDS in CG54 as new versions of MSDS would not be generated in CG54." => this leads to the "interpretation" that at later point in time normal WWI reports might be used and this is the "trick" (if you really have a very very good picture about how SAP has designed the SDS dispatch process). => coming to the main point: you will use a lot of SAP EHS standard customizing but you must develop of lots of customer specific function moduls to get a solution