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Mar 05, 2015 at 08:01 AM

instance is in error into bi4 after having change bw password


Dear all,

I am working on BW 7.01 and bi4.0 sp6

I am working with a sap authentication for connecting to bi4.

I am scheduling an instance on a webi document (based on a bics connection) using a user A.

The instance is executing well.

I am changing the password of the user A in BW.

At the next execution of the instance, the instance is in error, and my user is locked in BW. BI4 has tried to connect to bw several times with a wrong password. That explains the problem: user blocked, instance in error.

How to synchronize the password that I changed in bw in bi4? My workaround is to reschedule manually all my instances to catch the new password.

What I did?: I have searched in sap notes a solution for this problem. I did the same thing on several web sites. Nothing on this topic. I have a walkaround: the user A must be an exploitation user and not a named user and the password of this user must have the option "never expire". So, in this case, I will no have the problem mentioned in this discussion.

Best Regards,