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Mar 05, 2015 at 05:08 AM

logon cookie is missing


Hi Experts,

When I am logged into the portal, I select “Procurement” at the top, and then the “Purchasing” link on the left side of the screen which should take me directly to that area. Instead, the system takes me to a logon screen as shown below. I can enter in my SRM GUI password on the screen below, but the system should not require for me to have to log on again.

As it says " Logon cookie is Missing ".

Our single sign-on is also working fine..

Also i have gone through the Snote - 1617090 - ICF system logon: Logon fails, logon cookie and made the changes system logon settings, set the "Deactivate Login XSRF Protection" indicator accordingly.

But still no luck.

Any resolution to the issue will be appreciated..

Thanks in advance..